Rafael Doctor Roncero

"Tell me that you love me" is the title of a group exhibition presented on Canal de Isabel II in 1999, which tries to offer a general idea about the need for art and its emotional and affective function.

Mapi Rivera participates with this photographic series, in which she addresses the issue of loneliness and pain around the disease and its difference. She shows her stigmata to exorcise the rejection and fly over that skin affected by something unwanted and present. The wounds become a symbol of love and through them she plays to mask the pain. She is there and does not hide anything that is alien to her, she presents herself beyond an envelope and turns into poetry the images her own body generates by looking at it, treating it, pampering it.

All her images and texts are directed towards a stage of individual love that makes her forget all the fears that lie or live in her own body. Here she is to be with integrity and to offer everything she is as a person who loves, who feels far beyond the pitfalls that her own illness has posed. It is a work of absolute courage, it is a work at the same time universal, directed from her body towards the individual difference of each one of us. Love that transcends the skin and that is installed in the redoubt of tenderness that resides far beyond.