Mapi Rivera

The serie "Emanations of light" is the result of a commission from the Huesca City Council on the 10th anniversary of the Periferias Festival. In the first Festival, the series of images of my authorship, “Acorazonabierto”, 2000, stablised an aesthetic line based mainly on photography. I was asked to create a new image that closes a cycle and were inspired by the image that opened the Festival. The theme of this tenth edition is Commercial Periferias.

The issue of commercial refers me to gold, however, I extrapolate the sense of commercial transaction that is usually associated with the exchange of currency, to extend it to an exchange in other areas of knowledge.

The golden color or gold itself has been used in icons and sacred representations as a synonym for light and transcendence. In the alchemical tradition, gold is a sort of reified light, the result of a transmutation in which the human being himself transmutes into a new and resplendent being. The halos that surround the saints, the gold leaf backs of medieval religious paintings, refer us to those invisible and numinous places, which could only be seen with an inner, open, transfigured gaze. Thus, these images allude to a longing for inner transmutation, to become light, to radiate numinosity.