The cycle of visual creation is not completed without the viewer's gaze. The person who sees, looks, feels admiration, restlessness or wonder in front of an image, is closing a circle that opens up new possibilities of understanding and aesthetic knowledge.

The images of Mapi Rivera acquire their maximum expression when they materialize from digital archives to tangible artworks, printed and enlarged in different sizes that stimulate the contemplation and the intimate enjoyment, ennobling at the same time the spaces that we inhabit.

The acquisition of these works, created through a slow and complex maturation process, both at a conceptual and technical level, supposes a support for the author's artistic career and becomes patronage for new projects.

From the beginning and over twenty years of artistic dedication, Mapi Rivera has created a corpus of imaginal and theoretical sense that has been presented in numerous exhibitions and can now be purchased through this website, as well as in the Art Galleries with which she collaborates. Her main means of expression are photography and drawing treated as a sketch in her visionary notebooks, as well as video, poetry and research texts.

Sizes and editions

We offer an open edition and signed photographic prints in Basic Size, for all those people who have been sensitized by her images or have closely followed the evolution of the author, as an opportunity to consolidate or initiated in acquiring photographic work. For the collectors and enthusiasts of the photographic images of greater impact, we offer the Medium, Large and Extra-large Sizes, in a limited, numbered, signed and certified edition.

We also offer enlarged and printed drawings, notes and sketches taken from her visionary notebooks. These drawings prints allow us to approach her most personal and inspired world. They are presented in Basic Size, with limited edition, numbered, signed and with a certificate of authenticity. In addition to a selection of original drawings, also signed and certified.

Certificate of authenticity

It is a document that is attached to the limited edition prints as a guarantee of its authenticity. This document provides accurate and detailed information about the print that certifies with an explicit record of: Title, year, technique, copy number, stamp and signature of the author. Signature and numbering that also appears in the lower margin of the Basic and Medium Sizes or directly on the image in the Large, Extra-Large Sizes and in all Sizes of textile prints.

Printing on Paper or Textile

We use the most advanced inkjet technologies both, to print photographic and graphic copies on high quality paper, with soft texture and durability, as well as to print on polyester textile, in this case with sublimation inks that enhance the colors of the light boxes.

Mounting and Framing

Photographic prints on paper are purchased directly without framing, for those who prefer to receive prints on textile mounted in a backlit LED light box, we give the option of purchase on request.

If you are interested in special assemblies of the paper print, such as adhesive on aluminum, you can request it by contacting us directly.  Drawing prints from the artist's notebooks and some originals drawings can also be purchased framed in wood.

Quality Control

Various protocols are applied including the author's personal monitoring in all phases of the process of printing, mounting and framing, prior to the certification of the artwork, as well as the assistance of technicians and professionals of the companies with which she collaborates: EGM Frames Color / ACUTANGLE Framed / VIDEOLAB


All artworks can be purchased through this website directly or on request. Also, and in the case of some works, exclusively through digital link or in person at the Art Galleries with which the author collaborates. Most major payment cards are accepted, secure payments with or with bank transfer.

Packaging and Shipping

Unframed photographic and drawings prints are sent by specialized shipping companies, packed rolled in a strong cardboard tube, plus outside protection. Large format light boxes are easily assembled and disassembled. The textile print is rolled in a cardboard tube and, with the leeds frame disassembled and protected, fit into a robust custom-made box. Light boxes can also be shipped assembled upon request. Rigid light boxes, framed artworks and special assemblies on request, are protected with a custom-made packaging. The specialized shipping of these artworks in Europe is delivered by the company ARTERRI.
Las cajas de luz de gran formato son fácilmente montables y desmontables. La impresión textil se enrolla en un tubo de cartón y junto al marco de leds desmontado y protegido se adecuan en una caja de cartón rígido hecha a medida.
El envío a petición del cliente de cajas de luz ya montadas o rígidas, obras enmarcadas y montajes especiales por encargo, se protegen con un embalaje hecho a medida. El transporte especializado de dichas obras en Europa se distribuye a través de la empresa ARTERRI.

Cost and shipping time

The shipping cost is included in the price of direct purchase artworks, such as unframed photos and drawings, with an estimated delivery time from Barcelona of between 1 and 2 weeks. The shipping cost is not included in the price of the artworks that require some kind of assembly or framed and are purchased on request, in these cases, the estimated time from Barcelona is between 3 and 4 weeks from the moment of the order confirmation.

For custom formats and special assemblies or for any other questions, contact us directly.


We offer a selection of limited edition individual exhibition catalogs Specifically designed publications that overlap images, poetry, texts by the author, as well as by specialists and art theorists, creating constellations of meaning that approximate us to her creation.

In the videos section, several limited edition titles are registered in USB holder based on the videography made in parallel to her visual projects. Of these projects, limited edition videographic narratives are also offered on request from the different thematic series of the resulting photographs, presented in digital frames mounted on wooden support.

There is also an illustrated Lovepoem with drawings that includes part of the poetic work of the author, in reduced or extended edition.
You also have the option of booking a session of channeled queries or receiving a channeled communication These personalized and channeled messages offer, in a poetic and symbolic way, guidance, clarity and discernment, for whatever stage of life you are going through.

Finally, we offer the book “The numinous sense of light”, that includes the doctoral research developed by the author in parallel to her creation process. In this publication of 490 p. edited by Herder Editorial, Mapi Rivera delves into the processes of inspiration and genuine creation through the visionary experience.