Today I throw myself over the ascending precipice of the Mystery and I immerse myself entirely; head, heart and belly. I say "yes" to the umbilical thread of light that unites me to the Infinite.
In this way, I undo the threads that root me to inertia, the drives of the ego, the umbilical cord of flesh ...

Mapi Rivera. Poamario, 2016
That Far-near that we call lightning as if it was an opening that closes hastily ... one cannot remain in it for a long time ...
because, while it lasts, the lightning’s work is nothing but a glimps of the glory of the Soul.

Margarita Porete (13th century). The mirror of simple souls
I saw a long golden dart in the hands of an angel, and at the tip of the iron it seemed to me as if it had a bit of fire; It sometimes seemed to penetrate
my heart and reached my guts.
Teresa de Ávila (16th century). Lifetime
Suddenly, with the roar of a waterfall, I felt a stream of liquid light enter my brain through my spine...
The illumination became more and more radiant, the roar became louder, and I experienced an oscillating sensation: then I felt I was leaving my body
totally wrapped in a halo of light ...

Gopi Krishna. (1903-1984) Kundalini. The Yoga of Energy
From time to time, though not very often, I sense another light in that light, known by the name of “living light” ... When I contemplate it,
all sadness and pain is ripped from my memory, so that I acquire the ways of a simple girl, instead of the ways of an old woman ...

Hildegard of Bingen (11th-12th centuries). Life and Visions
Suddenly, without notice, he found himself engulfed, so to speak, in a fiery cloud. For an instant, he thought there was a fire,
of a sudden explosion in the big city. But he immediately knew that the light was inside him.

Richard M. Bucke (1837-1902) Cosmic Consciousness
Joy comes from pure love, from living in-love, fromloving consciously and letting yourself be loved. Joy impregnates me in everyday acts,
the ordinary is blured with the extraordinary and I feel that everything is perfect as it is ...

Mapi Rivera. Poamario, 2015