SUN, 1998

Assumpta Bassas Vila

It is said that in many western and eastern traditions, the sun is often associated with the heart and is part of a core of fundamental symbolic content. Guénon writes that both are considered vital centers: the sun is sometimes called the "heart of heaven" and the heart the "spiritual sun." If the heart is the propellant of life in beings, the sun is considered a symbol of the "source of life". María Zambrano, a philosopher who creates the beautiful metaphor of the heart, the center of living and life-giving knowledge, writes: “… nothing from outside, nothing from another world or beyond whatever world it is, is no longer supported by the human heart, the point where the multiple reality arrives, where it is weighed and measured in unthinkable calculation, simulating the image of the creative calculation of the universe.”

There are many images and notions of the philosopher that accompany me when I look at or read the works of Mapi Rivera. For example, the image of the heart as a space that opens within the person to welcome certain realities. Zambrano called "the vision of the heart" to "another mode of imprecise knowledge whose function is to define unfathomable realities by reason, something prior to thought, a trace in a sacred time." Mapi undress herself to dress up again as a sun, a flower, a tree, and exposing openly - as Mapi do in her photographs - is to visualize a way of receiving and creating knowledge through the body, of carrying, like the heart in its opening, "adhered the entrails". The video she presents on this occasion seems to record this action with intensity and subtlety: as the hands crumble the interior of the body and the air takes it serenely converted into pillow feathers to discover the world, the body seems to grow, fill with everything that comes to be on that journey and speak of fulfillment.

I have the intuition that the images that Mapi Rivera creates are conceived in a state of deep emotion that keeps them suspended in time and space, in a situation of unconditional waiting ...