Mapi Rivera

Because by the free, absolute and pure detachment from yourself and from all things, throwing everything and everything, you will be spiritually elevated to the divine Ray of gloom of the divine Suprassence. Dionisio Aeropagita s. V.

… Already in the 5th century, Dionisio Aeropagita conceived the formless vision as the only way of divine contemplation. Before our vision, there is only a “super clear gloom” that envelops us, embraces us and has no limit, beginning or end. White light, Light in the gloom, Clarifying light.

It is a Light that stands out from the solar and dry, capable of creating shadows and defined shapes and is impregnated with the humid and vaporous, capable of blurring contours. It is, without a doubt, a way of speaking of a primal Light that transcends natural light. An apophatic Light, which cannot be described. From there the resource of gloom and the cloud that color it is derived, denying any verbal or imaginal definition. Neither words nor images are capable of expressing his loving force, his splendor and his vital power. Nothing but poetic, visual and paradoxical approaches can be sketched by visionaries, mystics and creators. Their poems, their works of art, their sublime melodies, are nothing but testimonies of an experience, snapshots of the foray into the visionary landscape. The land of visions, the paradisiacal landscapes that populate prophetic dreams, mystical outbursts, artistic inspirations are located according to Henry Corbin in an intermediate place between the immanent and the transcendent, between earth and heaven.