Mapi Rivera

Our body is made up of 70% water, we are liquid beings contained by an apparent consistency. These images are water on water and bubbles that encourage life.

There are different types of dreams, some are traces of past experiences, others, more vivid, break into our dream consciousness to convey some hidden message, in a veiled or evident way. These ones have a different texture and a character of reality that makes them endure in the vigil with an unusual force.

I had such a dream, clear and definite, in which I saw a bowl full of water on it as a drop fell with a constant, continuous and unchanging rhythm. When I was beginning to wake up, still in a hypnopompic state, I realized that, in reality, that container of water was myself and the drop that fell was the breath that kept me alive. I felt that, although the container contained and differentiated me, my essence was totally fluid.

Like the bowl in my dream, the amnion is a thin membrane that envelops and protects the embryo and is filled with a saline fluid that is very similar to seawater. This amniotic fluid nourishes the fetus, allows its movement and the development of its lungs. Paradoxically, it is thanks to this fluid that, at birth, we can breathe.

With a mature body, capable of breathing, being inspired and inflamed with life, I decide to return to the original matrix. The word inspiration and the word spirit are etymologically linked since spiritus means "breath" or "air".

In the Hebrew alphabet, the letters have body, soul, and spirit. Its continuous emanation is what creates the Universe. These twenty-two sacred letters are spiritual forces that silently hide the secret of creation. To reveal their numinosity, I pronounce them with my body, vivifying them. I manifest them and they give me their breath, their breath, their spirit.

Through entasis and ecstasy, I live an amniosis, I return to the origin where everything is the power of life, a Mystery that bustles and cries out to be known, in the deep abyssal waters.