Ramón Casanova, Mapi Rivera

The project The seed of the image is about the germination and birth of the image. The seed that makes this process possible is a lens -from the Latin lentil-.

The entire photographic set becomes a sort of camera obscura or matrix for the cultivation of images. Light as fertile energy passes through the lens, recreating a subtle image, more ethereal than the original.

The original image is one or two female figures bathed by a source of light or surrounded by an incandescent ring, which vary their gestures in an experiential dance. Its light emanations are collected in the lens / seed as information genes that are projected on different photosensitive materials, where they take on the image body.

The matrix or camera refers to the myth of Plato's cave, but in this case, shadows are not projected, but lights, images that, despite their lightness, beat an aura of mystery that gives them a sense of reality or truth.