KÄÄNTÄÄ (elävän elämän) JUURI, 2019, 2020

Mapi Rivera

I traveled to the end of the land (Finlandia) to reverse my roots (käänna juuri), restore and orient them towards the living light from the center of my heart. I didn’t know it before going, but I realized when I arrived at that place of wide horizons and huge skies.

I was told through a dream to procure gold leaves in order to transform some roots that I’ve found in the forest. The gold leaf is an element that has been used throughout the centuries, both in the east and in the west, to restore works of art and cracked objects. The skies of the baroque altarpieces and the cracks of the Kintsugi pottery inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy, are symbolic wounds, access roads to the supernatural.

In this place where I was a foreigner, I felt at home and I recovered my inner space. I uprooted my fears, deployed hidden experiences that lost their strength when I brought them to light. Finally, I focused all that power to make a total turn towards pure love, the sensitive manifestation of living light.

From the present moment and focused on my future, I uprooted my past, healed my own wounds, and surrendered myself to living life (elävän elämän).