SYNAPSIS, 2013, 2014, 2015

Mapi Rivera

The word synapse is a neologism that includes the Greek terms syn– which is interpreted as “together”, “united”, and haptein– which is interpreted as “held firmly”.

This neologism was created by the Nobel Prize winner in medicine Sir Sherrington and introduced by the British physician and physiologist Michael Foster, naming the functional contact relationship, discovered by the Nobel Prize winner in medicine Ramón y Cajal, between the nerve cell endings of the brain.

It is a microcellular process of discharge of subtle chemical substances that originates currents of electromagnetic energy through the voids between neurons, thus consolidating the exchange of specific recognition, conductivity and bonding signals in the body microcosm.

For the firm union of this bodily microcosm with the macrocosm through existential voids, we intentionally approach the energetic and vibrant currents of the cosmos.

The lightning that derives from the Greek lampo is interpreted as “I shine”, likewise, the etymological origin of the action of “shining” is related to the actions of “vibrating”, “turning” and trembling”. According to the mystics of different traditions, trembling is a symptom caused by the turn towards the numinous. This conversion is the first step on the mystical path.

The real sense of the synapse here is a mystical synapse, in which the rays of light, subtle cosmic energies, are firmly united to the heart, inner eye, of the visionary person, plunging him/her into self-absorption, rapture or ecstasy.