The creation process is for me a way of initiation, of approaching to the Mystery, to what is essential and at the same time transcends the human being. My images are the testimony of this process of search, transformation and encounter. The rite of the creative process brings me back to my natural state of well-being. "Gozology" is an invented term that I use to refer to the sense and creative pronouncement from joy, to a type of creation that emerges from this joyful state.

The nakedness in my images is a symbol of transparency, of purity, back to the origin, to a paradisiacal and harmonic state, optimal for living and creating.

Photography is my main means of expression. I am not interested in photographing the moment, but documenting interior states; visions, dreams, vivid and experienced perceptions. My photography is felt, pre-felt, pre-pared, since there is a previous preparation, on a physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual level.

Through the photographic images I believe and I re-create myself. And I create because I believe in the regenerating and healing power of images. That is why my “attempt” is to create images from love, joy, enthusiasm, so that, in turn, they have the power to dilate the heart, expand the vision of those who contemplate them and point the way back to our true being.


Since I was a child, I have been a sensitive person, I could perceive a flow of light that passed through me and inspired me, and in that state of reverie, I spent endless hours playing in my grandparents' garden. In my adolescence, I intuitively decided to train in Fine Arts, the creation processes and artistic practice offered me a safe space to recover that oceanic feeling of childhood and reconnect myself again to the flow of inspiration.

However, it was not until my maturity, when from an intense personal crisis, the abrupt awakening of my sensitivity took place. Thanks to my previous thesis research on the visionary and creative experience, I was able to understand better what I was going through, however, to integrate this experience, I began to meditate daily, until I managed to embrace in my daily life a new way of understanding and perceiving reality. With each meditation we receive an inspired text that we record and transcribe. So far, we have collected thousands of very beautiful, symbolic and poetic communications, which I also illustrate and condense through drawings.

At the same time, and in order to understand my own process of sensitive awakening, I have trained with different professionals in the field of sensitivity: channeling, clairvoyance and mediumship. Thanks to these trainings I was able to apply my ability to channel universal communications to personalized practice, and recognize its healing power in the impact it has on other people.

I share with you this new space that I have created on my website and offers the option of requesting a channeled and personalized communication or booking a zoom session in which you can make several channeled queries. The channeled messages become an x-ray of the soul, which reveals your subtle and psychic field, to go to the essence and root of the situations that urgently need to be resolved, healed, or simply improved in your life.


My first gratitude is for my intellectual lineage; for my thesis directors, Josep Maria Jori and Miquel Àngel Planas, for encouraging me to go beyond my limits, for showing me that it is possible to transcend them. For my research partners, together we create an enabling environment for research, especially to Monica Álvarez for this fruitful exchange of anecdotes, concerns and knowledge.

Thanks to my friends Núria Megias and Alfredo Castellanos, who are a continuous source of inspiration.

Thanks, also, to Javier Melloni and Teresa Guardans, for their support. To Ana María Oliva, for showing me a map of my energy field. To Esther Costa, for guiding me calmly and intuitively to the imaginal landscape to which I belong. To Rene Mey, for reaffirming my confidence in the inner light.

Thanks to Teresa Borotau, Mikel Lizarralde, Ana Luisa Rama, Raquel Sáez, Rafel Andreu, Lluís Montero, Alberto Villoldo and Rob Wergin, for helping me to develop my sensitivity through channeling, clairvoyance, mediumship and healing.

Thanks to all the people who have collaborated in the creation projects: especially to the photographer Ramón Casanova for the epiphany we have shared; to the sculptor Jorge Egea; to Mónica Álvarez, Adrian Arnau, Alfredo Castellanos, Lídia Dalmau, Ramon Guimaraes, Mónica Lou, Marta Pareja, for the technical and videographic support; As well as the models Estefanía Rivera (Selva del Río), Magdalena Oliver and Meritxell Layola.

Thanks to all professionals in the art world who have trusted my artwork through writings and curatorial exhibiitions; Margarita Aizpuru, Mª Ángeles Albert, Julio Álvarez Sotos, Nekane Aramburu, Raimon Arola, Pedro Pablo Azpeitia, Assumpta Bassas, Antonio Barnola, Alexandra Baurès, Susana Blas, Pilar Bonet, Glòria Bosch, Mª Jesús Buil, Isabel Cadevall, Vicky Calavia, Marisa Cancela, Antón Castro, Victoria Cirlot, Victoria Combalía, Laura Cornejo, Maia Creus, Rafael Doctor, Lola Duran, Jan Van Eyden, Fidel Ferrando, Maria Rosa Freixanet, Christian Gattinoni, Carles Guerra, María González, Teo González, Núria Gual, Frank Henseleit, Carles Jiménez, Josep Maria Jori, Olga Julián, Mercé Juvé, Antonio Latorre, Fernando Latorre, Concha Lomba, Teresa Luesma, Luis Lles, Mª José Magaña, Luis Martínez Aniesa, Concha Mayordomo, Manuel Olveira, Desirée Orús, Pere Parramon, Manuel Pérez-Lizano, Agustín Pérez Rubio, Llorenç Raich Muñoz, Ana Revilla, Alfredo Romero, Oliva María Rubio, Gerard Sala, Júlio Sanchez, David Santaeulària, Pepa Santolaria, Mar Serinyà, Maite Solanilla, Leo Tena, Chus Tudelilla, Ernst Vester, Antoni Vilacasas ...

Thanks to the doctors Carmina García, Assumpta Bassas, Pepa Balsach, Lidia Benavides, for inviting me to share with their students of the University my creation process. To the Grisart International School of Photography in Barcelona, ​​especially its director Albert Gussi, for daring to accommodate the course “Gozology. The joy of photographic creation.” In the School program.

Thanks to Olga Fajardo, for inviting me, from her Conscious Intimate Writing Space; From breath to look, to teach Courses on the Phenomenon of Inspiration, Sensitivity and Graphic Expression: “If your hands were wings”, “The cordial sap”, “The golden flower”.

Other gratitudes for my biological lineage, but, above all, I thank the ancestors who accompany me.


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