Pilar Bonet

It is necessary to live intimacy, it cannot be represented. One need to internalize and experience it without images. It nests in the space of emotions, between the folds of our being, attentive to the voice of the heart. Intimacy alike designates the consciousness of our interior and also the pleasure and pain of its existence. Intimate life, both secret and truth, exists where contact is impossible. Staging intimacy is revealing the secret: visualizing the paradox.

Mapi Rivera's drawings, photographs, and poems are projections of this paradox: the intimate transition between living and representing, her painful choice.

Its indecipherable characters, ready to germinate on earth or dissolve in infinite space, can never reveal the totality of the world's mystery, but they postpone its end and delay its truth. They rescue us from the sentence of living in isolation, they transform the moments of intimacy into a landscape for the most beautiful place of congregation. She shows us, in a poem, the boundaries of her intimacy: everything disappears when the light asserts itself, when love expands ...

The artist assembles the dresses, wraps herself with them, breathes the blue of dawn, catches the moments of light, summons the ritual and then brings us closer to the place of intimacy: my heart has pronounced its will to be love ...She affirms, in the creation of effigies, the light.

The images of this artist tear the neutrality of the places of representation and turn the scene into a chimerical presence of the intimate space, abolishing distances. They are a radical personification of intimacy, but they are not a description, they belong to the most secret and loving experience: no shooting star passes, without disappearing at that very moment before the affirmation of light ...