SPOROGENESIS, 2021, 2022

Mapi Rivera

We are like an open flower. Each of the petals of this flower is a life that unfolds. The center of the flower is our sensitive essence that embodies itself again and again. During each of our incarnations, this core sensitivity accommodates itself to a corporeity that inevitably narrows its sensitive perception to manifest sensibly.

With each of our lives begins a contraction, the constriction of our sensitivity. By slipping on the petals of manifest life, sensitivity submerges inside our sensible body and begins to be forgotten, even remaining always in a latent state.

The ongoing project SPOROGENESIS deals with our ability to dilate our perception in order to sustain an amplified story of the reality. People who have transfigured their vision describe it in terms of a network of Light, vibration and energy. When we are born into the world, the only thing we perceive is a vibrant and living flow of light, without apparent contours or shapes. We open our eyes, but when we look outward we continue to perceive with a sensitive gaze that has been turned inward for months in the womb.

The external senses show us only a strip of the vibrational and visible spectrum of the complexity that we are. We do not fit in our bodies, although we believe that its liminality is what allows us to perceive the world.

When we bloom to this sensitive and dilated perception, we can access to an ocean of knowledge, since, in our essence, we are united to the Origin of everything that is, has been and will be. Incarnation is nothing more than the coagulation of a sensitive, extensive and dilated Body of Perception.

When we discover that we are seeds, oospheres, that have come in the world to germinate and flourish, we can do nothing but radiate the pollen of generosity, fertilize ourselves with enthusiasm and reproduce tenderness. The illumination of perception is the realization that we are photosynthetic beings, and that the Light that rainbows through us is our true nature.