Mapi Rivera

This photographic artwork reinterprets Goya's Capricho, "The dream of reason produces monsters". As a counterpoint to reason, this image highlights the heart as a nuclear center capable of intuitive knowledge and creative intelligence. Instead of producing, the heart creates, radiates, expands, it is the natural expression of all that is fluid, vibrant and luminous. The numinous Light that this photograph alludes shines night and day, regardless of the natural light which our external senses are used to. "The Dream of the Heart expands Light" calls for the awakening of sensitivity, the dawn of this cordial organ that does not know twilight.


“The Mysteries that are venerated, the Mysteries that are cared for and cultivated, are the nourishing soil of transformation. That which blossoms from the hands of these Mysteries, blossoms thanks to the dark earth that preserves them, but then, once blossomed, you only look at the flower that has been born, however, all the luminosity has been nourished by darkness, and only thus has it achieved its flourishing.

As long as the wombs are necessary for your incarnation, as long as the secret is necessary for your revelation, you must love this Planet, you must venerate its fecundity, you must preserve its Mysteries, because thanks to them, the Light is reborn."