Ramón Casanova, Jorge Egea, Mapi Rivera

The project “The original water and earth. The sustainability of the image” is the result of the 2007 North Creation Grant. It collects the joint work of three creators who develop their personal poetics in the fields of creative action, modeling and photography. On this occasion, these three trajectories come together in a unique project that reflects on the generation of form and image from its foundations. The project starts from the water and the earth as primordial elements and from light as the creative energy that animates them.

In order to carry out this plastic reflection, their poetic ways intertwine creating a symbiosis by which each of them delves into the most essential of their creative path. Art as an intelligent way of transformation, unites three seemingly dissociated attitudes, but fundamentally intimately linked. The body –bios-, clay modeling –plastikos– and photography –photos– are the media (vehicles) that interact and support the creation of the luminous image. The body collects the light, the camera, in turn, collects the light that it reflects, and the energy on the clay models it "in its image and likeness."