Mapi Rivera

These drawings are born in states of deep introspection, in which I channel symbolic and inspired communications. Beings of Light, Entities of luminous Dimensions that surround our world as if they were layers of onions, communicate with us through poetic words and images that end up intertwining to give us a message about our origin, our essential being and our vital purpose.

They are condensations of meaning that have helped me to live a fuller, more conscious and healthier life. These messages emphasize that well-being, joy, happiness is our natural state. We deserve a return to Paradise, we can create it, recreate it, we have the gifts and abilities to procure a life in which heaven and earth are intertwined.

I share with you these images that are seeds of awakening, they germinate in a visionary state that I summon every day through meditative practice, in a way that has become familiar to me. I have discovered that these visions, these worlds and infinite dimensions are real, although they are not perceived with the naked eye, they live with us, they are the invisible root of our visible reality.

These drawings map an imaginary world, dotted with luminous Beings that protect us, inspire us and guide us. It is only necessary that we open our senses, that we expand our sensitivity, in order to feel them, interpret them, and translate their message.