THREADING THE SUN / 1'7'' / 2013

Camera and edition: Mapi Rivera

The writings of the Sufi mystic Ibn Arabi was a source of inspiration while I stayed at the Ifitry artistic residence in Essaouira, Morocco. According to Ibn Arabi it was through "a hole like the hole of a needle, which he saw a beautiful glow and a dazzling light."

One noon, when I was trying to fall asleep, I heard his voice and a question pierced me like lightning; Can a needle thread the sun? This question stung my heart and a pulsating, living and joyous light pierced my empty chest. I understood at that moment that in order to baste the sun, to reconnect myself to its light, first it had to be empty. For this reason, in this video, the act of discovering myself is a symbol of stripping the gaze, of being reborn through the fissure or the hole that allows the true vision of a vibrant and living light.