NOTEBOOKS 21, 20 · 2006

Mapi Rivera

The drawings, sketches, poems, and writings in these notebooks are the seedbed of my photographic and videographic projects. On my bedside table, I always have a notebook close at hand, in case in moments of meditation, while reading, before falling asleep, or upon waking up, some inspired image or idea comes upon me.

They are moments of great fulfillment, of inner vision, of awe, of expansion of the heart, body and gaze. I have the need to transcribe the images or the words that I perceive, because they have an intensity and a vividness that transcend me. They are accompanied by the certainty of having seen, of having known, even for a few moments, what our essence is, our true nature of light and love.

Con la mano temblorosa, cuando la visión se apacigua, dibujo y transcribo esos instantes de gran belleza, los registro para fijarlos no sólo en el cuaderno sino en mí misma, para evitar que pasen sin dejar huella, para que cuando vuelva a mirarlos pueda evocar la experiencia que los inspiró