Mapi Rivera

There is no night that does not have light, but it is hidden. The sun also shines at night, but it is hidden. During the day it shines and hides the other lights. In the same way, the divine light works, hideing all the lights.  Maestro Eckhart

Then the joy of the union flooded me and I fell into the bottomless abyss, and I left my spirit for that hour of which nothing can be said. Hadewijch de Amberes.

The word heliosis means heat stroke, that is, a pathology caused by excessive sun exposure. But the meaning it acquires in this project goes beyond the physical affectation, to refer to it as a metaphysical phatos. The symptoms of this pathos, of this luminous passion, are exaltation, and radiant joy. Suffering would therefore be the antithesis of this joyous pathology, of this “gozology”. The luminous radiation of Helios would not only affect the dermal surface, but, penetrating to the bottom of the being, would communicate with our luminous essence. At the summits of the visionary landscape, the traveler in love, feeling close to the Sun, recognizes himself/herself illuminated. Their senses are exacerbated as endowed with a new sensitivity and auditory and visionary perception goes beyond their ordinary possibilities, expanding to capture a new reality.

But, it will not be enough to contemplate and savor the beauty and sweetness of Love, to be taken with awe, enthusiasm or intense joy at the vision of the many facets of his unique face. It will be necessary to transcend the illuminated peaks, leave behind the visionary landscapes, the creative inspirations. Go beyond the intermediate landscape, the overwhelming visions, the kaleidoscopic play of the imaginal pleroma. Although the proximity, the luminous touch and the humid vision of the Source of love, convert the spiritual traveler into a connoisseur, pioneer and explorer of the Mystery, the purpose of his trip goes beyond visionary knowledge. The end of the mystical journey, heliosis is, in short, a meta-illumination. It is a pathology of love, which activates the tropism of the lover so that he/she rises and falls into an embrace with his Beloved.

The approach to Helios undoubtedly entails hyper-exposure to the sun. The risks are not few. If the wings that lift you are not true, that is, if the love impulse is not real, the fall is, as happened to Icarus, inevitable. Falling in love with the Sun, while still human, has its consequences, Leucotoe herself was punished to the underworld and transformed into an incense tree. And it is the essential requirement to be able to embrace Helios, to merge with the Source of all light, a pure heart that dares to suffer from heliosis and that does not hesitate to transmute its human condition to become solar.